city girl, women's rights, abortion

I wonder if you know
I walk down the streets
Pepper spray in my pocket
Sometimes I wonder if you
Are a figment of imagination
Or if you are the sad truth
But often your presence is
More visible than joining gaps

I wonder if you know
I have to show the evidence
Before I can be believed
The experience is yours
As if mine is negligible
A girl is taught to walk
But never to speak
A statistic not of value

I wonder if you know
How it feels to live
Powerlessly incapable
Devoid of all rights
In a system designed
For men about women
An object less worthy
Than its broken pieces

— Can you sleep?

A child screams
Somewhere in
A hospital bed
A baby alongside
She closes her eyes
Tears running down
She wonders if she
Could love something


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