Daisy, street art, Tona, Berlin Kreuzberg

Five year old Daisy opens her eyes, peeks through her hands. She stands in the middle of a usually busy street, silence all around her.

She screams and it echoes. She once dreamt of a future.

Her grandmother appears behind her, she holds out her hand, “Come”. Daisy stretches out her hand and sneezes. Her grandmother disappears.

She turns and starts to run. A brick wall appears, she turns around, knocks onto the camera screen and turns back walking as far as she can along the brick wall.

She turns around again, knocks on the camera screen and suddenly falls back. She lands on her carpet, her front door wide open, the draft whipping against her face.

She lifts herself up, brushes herself off and stands on her tippy toes to reach the door handle and pushes it with all her might shut.

She turns around to her mother’s worried expression. She must have been pacing around the house again. 

Her father lies in bed upstairs, his cough heard throughout the house. She runs up the stairs, “Daddy, daddy – are you ok?”

Her mother catches her halfway, “Careful”.

She once dreamed of a future but now she lives on a planet full of ghosts.

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