You’re a big fish

In a small fucking pond

You, your ego, yourself

This city waits for no one


You’re independent

Blocking, distracting

Drowning yourself out

By the noise of a city


What is it about human identity

And our addiction to substance

To the metaphysical

To the flight from reality


On sobering

On losing yourself

To find yourself

To be young


Do we grow out of the city

Or the identity we attached

With the city of shattered dreams


But the city is an addiction

A spiral, a toxic relationship

A love we want to fight for

Because we’ve fought enough


But it’s also knowing

There’s a reason

We are here


The fire is alive somewhere


And from everything 

We do learn


This city is one of opportunity

Of learning, an ode to self

A magic vielfalt of cultures

Blended together into one


This city is changing 

And no matter


How many times

How many highs

How many lows


I still want to come back


I can escape, I must escape

But I know it won’t be for long


It’s time to create a new story

Of the city I got lost in

But a city that taught me

Value in art and its process



It’s time for stability

& it comes to those who wait

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