Land Rover

Land Rover

Put the gears

Into ignition


This is our country life


We don’t fluff

Around with

4×4’s, no we’ve

A defender


And at 20 years old


It’s still going strong

It’s still whispering

All the old memories

Telling all the old tales


It’s been through


Five dogs, four children

The occasional grandparent

The occasional friend

Or acquaintance


It’s been through


The snow, the sun

The rain, the wind

Many a road trip

Many a wet dog


After a dog walk


It’s been in need

Of seats to be


For years


And years


But the broken seats

They only add to the

Charm, the memories

Like the dog hairs


Too many


To conquer, the salty

Smell from a day at

A boatyard and the

Damp remnants of


A wet dog


/ This is our country life


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