Don’t forget what you’ve

Been told, there’s a voice

In your head and it tells you

What’s wrong and what’s




Don’t forget what you’ve 

Been told, you’re too old

To not know to listen to

Authority, they know what’s




There’s a wind in the

Whispers, you’ve been

Caught in the midst

And it’s cold and dark




Terrible Tuesday, it comes

Round the bend, you were

Out too, too late last night

And this time, you’ve got


No one to blame


But yourself, you hide

Behind the pretence

Your actions were just

Actions, almost alien


To you


You were in no state

To contemplate the

Bate that was put 

In front of your very




But maybe next time

You won’t forget to

Listen to what you’ve

Been told, because there’s


A voice


Inside your head

And it tells you 

What is wrong

And what is



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