Where do I begin?

When it seems like

We will never ever win


How do I explain

That every single day

I am cowering

From your pain

That my comfort is

In my space


Because they won’t

Ever understand

That something that

Happened once

13 years ago

Can still affect you

Every single day


How do I explain

That every single day

Your words that you said

Ring out in my head

“That’s nice”, “That’s nice”, “That’s nice”

Tell me how nice

That really is


How do I explain

That I just can’t

Trust anybody fully

When you abused

My trust

All those years ago


I was just a child


And they tell you

So much worse

Can happen

So much worse

And they think

It will make you

Feel better


But in reality

It only makes it

So much worse

Because if it happened


It can happen


And this time

It will be worse

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