She takes a marker, makes slits for her eyes and mouth. She’s become so narrow minded she can barely see out. Her mouth, it was taught to discern through thin, thin lips.

Judgement, it didn’t come easily, it took years to build and a class system based in the past. Resentment hit her like a sheep desperate to follow a crowd, to fit in.

Society is not kind and there is by no means a place for the misfits. You either try, try, try to fit in or you stick out like a sore thumb.

But some of these freaks, as much as they try to fit in, they can’t. Thinking differently hurts.

Met with discerning looks and thick judgement she felt bitter, very bitter. She wasn’t strong enough to know that it was ok to be herself, regardless of what people think.

And so she just learned to hate, like all the rest. We aren’t born with hatred, we learn it. We take bitterness and we chew on it till we spit it out as hatred of our own.

But does it feel good to carry all this weight on our shoulders?

No, of course not. It drags us down and cuts our souls in two to the point we lose ourselves in all our negativity.

She couldn’t take it anymore, and so she ran away. Far, far away. Freedom she sought and yet she bought her chains with her. It’s hard to forget everything you were ever taught.

She’s like a butterfly now, flying high. She’s found herself, who she truly is, for the first time in her life. She’s almost learnt to not worry so much what people think.

And yet every time she returns she takes that resentment, that bitter resentment and drinks it up with her morning coffee only to spit it out as hate. Hatred of what she once was, hatred of her closed mind, hatred of her privilege.

Because if privilege only leaves you like this, is it ever a good thing?

Old friends are now world’s apart, as they settled into their lives as she just flew and flew.

But butterfly, sometimes, you have got to stop flying. Sometimes you have got to come down, and understand that even if people didn’t take your journey it doesn’t mean they are bad people deep down.

In order to make change you have to come down, stop flapping your wings, and emphasise with those around you. Bitterness, it doesn’t look good on you.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Or you’ll just be on the same level as what you’re flying from.

Come down, stop flapping, let’s see your true beauty.

She begins her descent, slowly opens her wings, and prepares for landing. Life is beautiful after all.

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