Paint splatters

On the track

You’re mad

They say

You’re mad

Your hair

Is falling

All over

The place

Walk up

And down

Up and down

Your train

Might come

Your train

Might not

Maybe you’ll

Be dreaming

Tracks of yellow

Mind the gap


To Kotti, Kotti

To Schelisches

Tor, now helped

By a lisp, a little lisp

Pass the time

Walk down the

Track, itch itch

You cracked

Your head and

Fell deep down

To planet earth


An I a man now

Herr I place my

Hands above my

Head, her, she’s

A nutter, she paces

The station, she’s, I

Wonder what she

Was, how she became

What she is, and now

We fall victim to just

Tarnishing her with

Our cruel, cruel eyes

And yet we give



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