How do we change a world

When we are only angry at it?


We can’t change when everything

And anything is just to blame, is


At risk


How do we believe we are safe

When we spend so long protecting




Is it all just an illusion, do we all

Have to play a game, what is your




Are you a robot, or are you an 

Individual, like the rest of us 


Struggling to find your fit


It’s been so long and yet

These things take you 




Back in time, people don’t

And won’t understand unless


They’ve been


Through similar things, had

Similar journeys, so who’s to




When you can’t say their name

Without cowering in fear, who’s


To blame


When protection made paranoia

Eat itself alive, crying for help with




Nobody to listen because they

Just won’t understand and that’s


Not their fault

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