Felix was fascinated by flowers, for the love of watching them slowly die.

“Now, don’t you go turning those flowers all droopy now’, his mothers voice would ring in his ear.

But he would always choose not to listen, he loved the way they drooped down when they lost their taste of life, stifled of water and light.

He found great joy in the winter as he watched beautiful colours fade into lifeless browns and other paler versions of themselves. Nature, it fascinated him, and he would just watch and watch and never, never stop.

No one could stop him, not even his mother with her hatred of his flowers that he would continuously leave to wilt.

A mother’s worst enemy is her lack of control over her children, knowing that some things can’t be put right in the way they might want.

But Felix was a loving son and he took care of his mother, even though she hated his ill treatment of flowers. She could see that, she could.

A child, it became a man, a mother became a grandmother. But there was one thing that would never be forgotten, till her dying day, her hatred of the way he let the flowers droop.

So he bit his tongue and grinded his teeth and put everything he held dear beside him for the love of the one thing he held dearer than dear and granted her final wish, beautiful flowers by her bedside that would be given plenty of sunlight and water, till it was also their time to go.


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