Before I learned

To walk, I learned

To talk and talk

I would never stop


I was a 90s baby

I like to think I grew

Up in the best age

Full of cheesy pop


It was welcomed 

With open arms

Girl power took 

Over and we dreamed


And we dreamed

And no one was 

Going to stop us


The tide really was high


We were Number One

Blended with Spice

And all things nice


Nothing could stop us


And we grew up

Even though we

Never wanted to


I do believe in fairies

I do, I do


But it was a little

Bit, a little bit

Too late


All our screams

Were never heard


When you grow up

And you are faced

With adult life 

And adult responsibilities


Even though you may not feel old yet


You realise childhood

Was a breeze, a good

Fun, happy breeze

And that there is


Nothing that takes

You back like your

First songs


But life is like

A show and that

Show must go on.

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