We humans reproduce and catastrophize the world faster than it can handle, faster than we ourselves can handle. We destroy and we create at such a rate we lost the answer to it all.

More is less and less is more. We can’t stop, we won’t stop. Why should we? We are so self indulged that we forgot to look at the world around, it’s pretty out but what would we know?

We don’t, we don’t care to know. Humanity is a sin, a terrible thing. A plague so widespread that it’s lost its cure.

Destruction. Destruction. Destruction. We act like it’s a good thing, smiling through our fake teeth drinking water out of plastic bottles till the days are out.

Fresh and local became drowned out by convenience and cutting costs. Every Lidl helps. Every Lidl helps.

We may not get far, maybe we won’t see much more. But what do we care? We are so self indulged we can’t see anything else other than the here and now.

Travesty after travesty, denial of existence of all things correct and true. Because our opinion overrules science.

Our opinion dictates our actions and not evidence, haircutting evidence. Because listening is boring, it’s depressing. What can we do?

Individuals can do nothing, we have other fights to fight. Excuses, excuses, excuses. We like them, we make them in their millions.

But our world can’t take much more, can’t take much less when we continuously put it to the test.

If we one day wake up, maybe we will learn to change. But change doesn’t come easily when we fight it off with such vengeance. That cuts us up inside like there is no tomorrow.

But we ignore it, like we do everything else. It’s easier that way. Distracting ourselves from issues that really matter with glossy magazines and layers of beauty, self importance, self worth at the cost of others.

But we don’t care, we never did. We can only dream that one day we wake up and change. For the greater good, and not just for ours. Maybe we will learn if we give, we may get back.

Maybe, maybe, but for now all we can do is hope.

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