It is within learning. Learning, learning, learning.

It ultimately becomes us, our need for justification in spite of our horrible frustration.

We’d kill for it, die under spike for it. But why, what is it about learning that we so desire?

Can we ever learn too much? If desire becomes creed and creed becomes greed, should it be time for us to stop?

I yearn for something more, we all do. I yearn, yearn, yearn. I wait till there is no more reason to wait and I don’t know why.

If God was an object he’d be a pencil, waiting to be sharpened, scrunched, turned and ultimately used up until there was no graphite left to use.

We consistently drain each other till the only thing we have left is each other and even that, that is not enough. Because humanity wants more. More, more, more.

Sense is nothing but predictable and there’s no fun in the known. There’s no real depth into something that has not had to achieve such a strong sense of resilience.

Berlin, that’s what you taught me.

Normality is boring, it’s excruciatingly painful, it stems and it flows in streams of consciousness. Because ultimately that’s what this is.

Consciousness. Power of the mind. Consciousness. Power of the body. Consciousness. Power of the soul.

Present but not so present.

Teach me to respect myself for who I am and not for what I’m not.

And yet waiting for someone to give you the tools that you should have learnt yourself is where you went wrong, so wrong, so goddam wrong.

And you may never be right. But what’s the harm in trying?

Try, try, try again.

Red is written like blood across your forehead, your attempts of cover up are nothing but meaningless distractions.

You can’t run if you can’t even walk. Your crutches won’t get you far either.

Hop scotch. Hop, skip, jump. And suddenly playground games got relevant as you tackle each stage of life with such high hopes only to be crushed again, left standing on one leg.

The hobbit within you fights back crying wolf in it’s sleep with no one yet again to hear it.

But you’re just learning, there’s no harm. Never, never stop!


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