Mother, I irritate you so much at times but I know you’ll always be there worrying, waiting, wishing for me. What would we do without a mothers support, a mothers criticism? 

Maybe we’d be lost, maybe we would be found without someone to mess with our thoughts.

But if that someone didn’t mess with our thoughts, where would be now? Now, it never remains consistent. Because time, time is always moving. Like a bullet to the wind, moving, moving, moving.

And yet we wait for it to stop.

Who would we turn to if we couldn’t turn to our mothers? Not for everything of course, some things would send our mothers into terrible worry needing at least 10 bottles of Rescue Remedy.

Similarities ironically they divide us, they cause clash and collision. Collision went bang, bang, bang. Slammed doors and panicked screeches as a result of bluntness of the mind. Only to be met with a hug, a long hug and a squeeze a few hours later.

When you’re one of four the favourite often becomes the one that spends the least amount of time at home as it gives enough time for mother to forget why she got so annoyed by them. 

The more time away you spend the more time you mother spends waiting for you to come home, and thus the more excitement when you do. 

But it doesn’t take long for the excitement to fade away into why are you doing this or that?

Because one of a mothers greatest loves is control. And control they will fight for, as long as they can.

If your mother is a chatterbox you may realise you will never get in a word edgeways and be so frustrated why they ask you why you were so quiet later. You never gave me room to speak. 

But they’re just lost in all their chatter. Chatter, it never hurt anyone, only embarrassed a good few.

Fool be you, resenting all the things you may one day become whether you like it or not. You’ll find yourself one day realising you do something that possesses the same characteristics of your mother and it will irritate you down to the ground.

A mothers love is deep, but we wouldn’t have it any other way and I think we’d be pretty helpless without it.

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