He wasn’t particularly computer savvy, or actually tech savvy in general. He just thought wearing glasses made him look a little bit more like he knew what he was doing. But in reality he didn’t know the difference between import and export or download and upload. 

So when the words left her mouth he just nodded in agreement even though in reality he was brimming with confusion inside.

His basic understanding (or not understanding) of technology was that the more money one spent on something the better it was. However, what he didn’t realise was this wasn’t always true and that it could often equate to something that he had even less possibility of understanding.

So here he was glasses on his eyes holding some small strange thin thing slightly larger than a dog biscuit and far smaller than a record trying to work out what she meant by import and upload. His new fancy PC with all it’s strange sockets certainly wasn’t going to help him, especially when he didn’t understand it in the first place.

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