I grew up on a small farm

In the countryside

We had chickens, geese and ducks

We had horses, alpaca and sheep

And we had dogs and cats

And it was bliss


But it helped raise my moral alarm

As I realised animals were living beings

Sentient beings

Like us

With their own needs


And interests


And I realised my participation

Wasn’t necessary

As it was just as simple as saying no

And never turning back

And it felt good

As I knew I was not directly responsible

For it


I learnt more and more about this carnation

As I grew up

I learnt about it’s devastating effect on the environment

And I learnt the egg and dairy industry

Was directly funded and went hand in hand

With the meat industry

And so I became vegan


But there was so much more

I could do

And I can still do

But when more is less

And less is more

Every little action helps

Especially when it is part of a wider group

Of collective actions


And so I will talk and talk till my mouth becomes sore

Knowing I have opened the conversation

That might help

Set us on a path

To change

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